Vista aerea dell'Abbazia di San Cassiano a Narni

For those who love walking into nature, the Guided hiking trail from Narni to the Abbey of San Cassiano is an experience between nature, history and spirituality to discover one of the most fascinating places of Narni.   The suggestive guided hiking tour from Narni to the Abbey of San Cassiano. The tour, which starts from […]

Scena degli ambienti medievali di Narni durante l'evento della Corsa all'Anello

The Visit to the Circuit of the Medieval Environments of Narni is a journey back in time into the Narnia of 1371. The Circuit of the Medieval Environments of Narni. The walking – starting from the loggia of Priori Palace – tells about the daylife, the arts and the crafts of the time through a […]

Copertura alla cappuccina all'interno dell'Acquedotto della Formina di Narni

The visit to the Aqueduct of Formina is a suggestive experience inside of 700 meters of a duct of the only Roman aqueduct in Italy open to the public. Visit to the Roman Aqueduct of Formina. Thanks to the Association Subterranea it will be possible to discover this ancient aqueduct , built in imperial age, […]

Gli affreschi della chiesa rupestre di Santa Maria della Rupe, prima sala del percorso di Narni Sotterranea una delle più interessanti esperienze da farea Narni in Umbria

The Visit to Narni Underground is one of the most intensive and suggestive experiences to live inside the territory of Narni; a guided tour of one hour and half, for adults, children and schools, inside of hypogeous places discovered under the former convent of San Domenico in Narni. A tour into Narni Underground. Narni Sotterranea […]

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