Ingresso a Palazzo Eroli a Narni su via Saffi

The history of Eroli Palace,  actual headquarter of the museum, of the art gallery and of the municipal library of Narni, is linked to the family of which has the name and who built it inside the old town around the half of the XVIII century. The palace of the Eroli family in Narni. Belonged […]

Stanza di consultazione della biblioteca comunale di Narni in Palazzo Eroli

The Municipal Library of Narni, dedicated to Giovanni Eroli, is located on the ground floor of the homonymous palace which hosts: at the noble floor the archeological section of the museum and, and on the second floor, the art gallery. The municipal library dedicated to Giovanni Eroli. The foundation of the library dates to 1663 […]

L'Annunciazione di Benozzo Gozzoli nella pinacoteca Palazzo Eroli a Narni

The Art Gallery of Narni is located on the second floor of the Eroli Palace and has beautiful works which encompass several years which go from the XIV to the XVIII century. The Art Gallery of Narni in Eroli Palace. Projections, multimedia reproductions and evocative music introduce works of local production and absolute masterpieces such […]

Testa di barbaro su sarcofago romano di II secolo Palazzo Eroli a Narni

The presence of a travertine statue of a lion, once guarding a tomb – late republican, first imperial – welcomes us in the hall of Palazzo Eroli which, on the first floor, preserves the archaeological collection of the museum. The archeological section of the museum of Narni in Eroli Palace The museum preserves several remains […]

Particolare dell'Incoronazione della Vergine del Ghirlandaio

Eroli Palace, in the past residence of the noble family until the end of the XX century and today Museum, Art Gallery and Library of the Town of Narni, is in the highest part of the old town, behind the Podestà Palace and leaning against the Church of San Francesco. Eroli Palace: center of culture […]

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