Narnimmaginaria is our fixed appointment at the end of October which transforms the city of Narni into a great photography laboratory.  NARNIMMAGINARIA The photography festival organized by the SATOR Cultural Association offers a program full of events not to be missed for photography enthusiasts but not only! Many activities will give life to different spaces […]

Proiezione di un film restaurato durante Le vie del Cinema

Le Vie del Cinema (=Cinema’s streets), in August at the Bruno Donatelli Park, is a festival related to the screening of classic films, restored and returned to the public. The restored film festival. The activities began in 1995 with the idea of naming some streets and squares of Narni Scalo to some of the best […]

Festival della Sociologia di Narni

Narni in October hosts the Festival della Sociologia (=Festival of Sociology) with lectio magistralis of international sociologists, thematic meetings and conversations between sociologists and civil society experts. The Festival of Sociology in Narni. The meetings are organized to allow open conversations between experts and people outside of the academic world and, for this reason, are […]

Narni Città Teatro is an awesome theater festival that, in mid-June in three days, literally transforms the town into a theater of wonders. Narni Città Teatro. More than thirty shows in three days, premiere, big stars and international events for a free journey into the world of imagination, fantasy and dream .  Narni Città Teatro […]

I musicisti dell'International Festival Le Luci della Ribalta al Teatro Manini di Narni che saltano

Concerts, exhibitions and cultural initiatives: the International Festival Le Luci della Ribalta, thanks to the Association Mozart Italia, arrives in Narni every August, to fill the narrow streets and the squares of international artists. The International Festival Le Luci della Ribalta. The festival was born in 2010 and was immediately a success for audiences fascinated […]

Immagine del Narnia Festival

In July, Narni is blessed by the muse of music, art and culture during the day of the Narnia Festival that’s a great celebration of arts, music and culture that offers performances of world-famous artists, art exhibitions, cultural activities, and the best of international educational programs. The Narnia Festival. The Narnia Festival events are born […]

Gran Corteo Storico della Corsa all'Anello in Piazza dei Priori a Narni

When spring comes, in Narni also arrives the Corsa all’Anello (=the Ring Race) one of the most important medieval reenactments in Italy, three weeks of ancient rites, ceremonies, games and parades of ladies, knights and minstrels. And, for a few years, the festival is repeated for a week in September. The Corsa all’Anello and Narni […]

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