Porta Romana di Narni

Along the itinerary of Via Flaminia, which enters Narni from the south becoming Vva Vittorio Emanuele, there is Roman Gate that in the XVIII century impressed the Marquis De Sade on a visit to Narni. The most impressive gate of Narni. Placed in the past in the entrance of Via XX settembre, on what was […]

Entrata di Porta Pietra a Narni

Faced on the slope which looks towards the valley, Pietra Gate (called even Porta delle Prede) is a suggestive medieval structure which give the name to the homonymous path which, from the old town of Narni, allows (and allowed) to reach the Gole del Nera and its itinerary cycle-pedestrian. Pietra Gate: one of the most […]

Particolare di Porta della Fiera che inquadra una delle torri di Narni

The ancient and austere Fiera Gate, in the past called Porta San Vittore from the name of a church near by, there is on the side of the walls of Narni which faced through Augustus Bridge and Narni Scalo, close from what was the House of Erasmo Gattamelata. The history of one of the most […]

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