Facciata della Chiesa di Santa Maria della Cerqua e, sulla sinistra, la strada capitonese

The Church of Santa Maria della Cerqua takes its name from the secular cerqueto on the hill crossed by the street which from Narni leads to Capitone.  Tradition says that , in 1576, on an oak tree was found a marble bas-relief of Madonna col Bambino which was considered miraculous. The Church of Santa Maria […]

Il complesso del Sacro Speco di San Fracesco a Narni visto da ripresa aerea

14 km far from Narni and places on a hill of 600 meter reachable through a tortuous trail of great landscape interest, the  Sacred Cave of San Francesco arises on these places where Francesco used to go to pray and is one of the most important sanctuaries of Italy. The Sacred Speco of San Francesco, […]

Facciata del Santuario della Madonna del Ponte

The Sanctuary of Madonna del Ponte rises at the foot of the mountain Croce , near the remains of the Augustus Bridge which gave it the name. The Sanctuary of Madonna del Ponte in Narni Scalo. The history is linked to that of Angelo Fanelli, a inhabitant of Narni who in 1714, inside a cave, […]

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