The former castle of Guadamello rises on a spur of rock which dominates the lake of San Liberato and its naturalistic oasis.

L’antico castello di Guadamello di Narni.

The name of Guadamello should come, as the others names of the castles of this part of Umbria – including the nearest Gualdo – from the longobardic language watha (or “place of guard”) and from the name of the possible captain of the first stronghold Melos, Gaita-Melo.

Il Palazzo di Guadamello, complesso creato attraverso l'accorpamento di diverse case torre

From prehistory to today.

The territory of this village, placed to dominate the confluence between the river Nera and the Tiber, was inhabited since the prehistoric period.

Some finds, on the hill of Sasso Freddo, indicate a place of worship and burials of the end of the Bronze Age.

Several also the findings of the roman period, when the territory near the town hall of Ocriculum should be occupied by a certain number of roman  residences, attested even by the sources. . 

As it is for the nearest San Vito, the position could be assumed as a place of roman control, maybe with a tower, which then kept the importance even with the byzantin and the longobards . 

The first document which attest the existence of the Castrum Gaitamelli, is the Register of Farfa which in 1036 mentioned a donation by the abbot Pietro of Sant’Angelo in Massa to the Abbey of Farfa

In the following years entered in the orbit of Narni which, with its, should had the access to the Tevere river through a little port , Port of Santa Lucia, which was restored in the 14th century and where it is attested that on December 20, 1468, the emperor Federico III d’Asburgo embarked for  Rome to visit the Pope privately . 

From the Middle-Age to the 1800 the castle was property of the Montini family.

What see in Guadamello and around.

The ancient castle is dominated by the size of the “Palace”, a building consisting of three large towers of the Middle Ages now incorporated into a unique structure.

Suggestive is the square in front of the small Church of Santa Maria Annunziata from where you can enjoy an incredible view of the valley.

A five-arched brick fountain, built in 1926, is located just outside the city.

Continuing along the road to Santa Lucida, before going down to the valley, on a small hill stands the pretty Church of the Madonna del Monte built at the expense of the community in 1600 following a miracle.



Guadamello – 05035, Narni

The former castle can be visited on foot

Where to park

It is advisable to park your car outside the walls.


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