In the historical building of the former orphanage “Beata Lucia”, in Piazza Galeotto Marzio, is hosted the Open-air Museum of the Plein-Air Painters (Museo Diffuso dei Plenaristi), an itinerary traced along the Nera River discovering the locations where these artists first started painting two centuries ago.

The Beata Lucia

The path with its real and virtual spaces is characterized by the centrality of the Beata Lucia Palace, where you can find the Video Room, the Immersive Room and the dedicated thematic terraces that could host painting workshops en plein-air and provide to those interested the opportunity to paint landscapes, awaiting the future development of temporary artistic residences.

Immersive Room
Panoramic Terrace
Caracciolo Exhibition Hall
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Open-air Museum of the Plein-Air Painters

This itinerary is made up of several locations along the valley of the Nera river following the footsteps of the plein-air painters.

The main idea of the Open-air Museum of the Plein-Air Painters is to evoke and show the painters’ works through photographic reproductions in the Terni Valley, just where the artists were painting two centuries ago. The goal is to gather, at least a part, of the great heritage of artworks that are nowadays dispersed in numerous private collections and in about 70 museums worldwide.

The visitor can relive the emotion experienced by the artists. In fact, in many places the landscape remained intact and still retains all the charm and the magic of that era.

The Beata Lucia visit includes: 

  • The Immersive Room (15 minutes), maximum 10 persons per projection
  • The Video Room (45 minutes)
  • “Martino Innico Caracciolo” Exhibition Hall
  • The Panoramic Terrace

Visit is free of charge.

The Terrace of the Plein-air Painters and the Immersive Multimedia Exhibition

In the historical building of the former orphanage “Beata Lucia”  there is an extensive and magnificent terrace that has been renovated to admire the landscape overlooking the Gole del Nera which was an important theater of artistic activity between 1700 and 1800.

It’s a place of beauty, meditation and contemplation that touches your heart at the first sight.

The observation dominating a natural landscape was the subject of paintings by Bidauld, Corot, Chauvin and other artists who painted this landscape full of mystery and magic, also representing the Abbey of San Cassiano, a point from which many painters chose to portray the ruins of the Augustus Bridge.
On the Terrace there are explanatory signs about the works of the plein-air painters and their activity in the area of Narni.

The Immersive Multimedia Exhibition Narni, a dream painted in the enchanted valley, is located in a large room of the Palace allowing you to dive into the paintings and diverse landscapes, in an engaging and exciting sensory experience.

In the Palace there is a conference room where it is possible to find documentaries dedicated to the theme of the plein-air. In addition, it is possible to consult volumes witnessing the development of plein-air painting, carried out in Italy between 1700 and 1800.


The Beata Lucia


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Saturday: 16-18

Sunday: 10-12 / 16-18

For the rest of the days, by reservation.



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